Clay Times Article

Gloria Singer

I have been a painter, illustrator and graphic designer all my life. Ten years ago I became interested in ceramics. Making pots has become my passion. Clay is an extension of myself. Learning each day to define the form a little better. I am constantly juggling control and spontaneity, looking to find my own voice in clay. My pottery when it is successful demands to be held. It is a thrill to watch someone hold my pot as if it is a thing of beauty, a cherished object.

For me, glazing is the most interesting part of the entire process. I am a compulsive tester, and I while I am not always thrilled by the results of a firing, I always find it exhilarating. The glazes I use are applied by airbrush. This allows me to blend multiple glazes together seamlessly and to isolate specific colors to paint the form. I am always trying to push a little further tweaking my glaze formulas to give a little better surface, a little deeper color. My hope is that my ideas continue to come and to grow with my skill.

My work includes cone 10 stoneware, cone 6 electric and smoke fired earthenware. It is all wheel thrown and then altered.